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> The need for "reforming the reforms" of Swami
> Vivekanada appears only to those who oppose him for
> the following;
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> 3. His strong opposition to the Brahministic class who
> did nothing but exploit the poor in the name of
> religion.

 I have been rather silent on this topic and in the past because I am
ambivalent on this issue. However, this aspect of  the teachings as you
noted above, how true is it? I have seen a few others refer as such to Swami
Vivekananda as having reformed the socitey in this manner. Why? What is
wrong with varna dharma?  If Swamiji had exerted his considerable influence
in making people (every one, not just brahmins) understand the values of
leading life as close to that sanatana (and varna) dharma as possible, would
it not have been immensely more beneficial? To abandon a time established
system as such for the faults of  a few (or perhaps even a LOT) does not
seem to be doing justice to a system he was actually trying to propogate.

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam

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