Disappearance of Buddhism in India

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Respected Sri Nanda Chandran:

--- nanda chandran <vpcnk at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
> This is something I wrote for a Buddhist list regarding the
> disappearance of
> Buddhism in India.

Probably you should have avoided sending it here. I went through your
mail only cursorily - yet I could find what I was sure will be there.

> Here the Buddhists could have protested that Gaudapaada was hijacking
> their
> philosphy. But the chronological superiority of the Upanishads over
> the
> Buddha is the deciding factor here. The Upanishads had taught it
> first and
> so the Buddhists are on the defensive now.

This paragraph contradicts the below. Upanishads taught this first and
buddha did study upanishads and  then what?

> Buddhist philosophy had helped the Indian mind to climb to a certain
> level -
> without doubt the concepts of maayaa and its implication - advaya or
> non-duality - are Buddhist contributions without which there would be
> no
> Advaita at all - but after a certain stage it was helpless to prevent
> itself
> from being assimilated into/by Advaita Vedaanta.

How come buddishts are back on offensive now? This paragraph is
obnoxious and unacceptable. You mean to say people were clueless in
understanding what shruti (especially upanishads) taught till buddha
and his followers came around.  To say that advaita-vedanta would not
have come up at all but for buddhism, is baseless. Venom in your above
words matches only those you can get from dvaitins who call shankara as
buddhist in disguise.

This issues similar to this were discussed in the past and I would
request you to not to rake this up.  If you do, it will be only in
vain. I remember that you once dismissed Anand (who is a noted scholar
in this list) saying that he does know enough about Buddhism indulge in
a rigorous discussion. I don't who else would satisfy your erudite
scholarship. In any case, with all due respects, you should consider
sharing your valuable knowledge else where and save advaita-L.

My intention is not to offend you. In any case my 2c.


BTW it is not mAyA which implies advaya. It is advaita, which is
established by shruti leads to a refined understanding of what is mAyA
is. Validity and knowledge of advaita is known only from shruti and it
is not an implication of some other concept.

ambaaL daasan


sharaNAgata raxakI nivEyani sadA ninnu nammiti mInAxI

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