Disappearance of Buddhism in India

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Tue Jul 30 16:10:38 CDT 2002

The article on disappearance of buddhism in India seems to deal with historical truth and concurs with the views of most indologists.I see nowhere in it a denial of the fact that advaita is the truth of the shrutis.It only deals with the fact that buddhists focussed on that and its solutions and  relevance to life to gain social acceptance and they did this  when the karma mimamsakas  were busy with the karma khandas and the nyayikas with logic.Gaudapada recognised this and packaged the advaita vedanta in perspective.That and Sankara's cohesion of shanmata in the  ritual realm and advaita in the metaphysical realm aligned a lot of sects in to the same fold.

Most of the times more than the actual philosophy it is the mind that advocates the philosophy that changes the course of history rather than the philosophy in itself. For instance had Ramanuja encountered a more powerful intellect Tirupati would have been a different shrine now!

Shri Ravi
I fail to understand your objections :
Is it about the notions that advaita assimilated/borrowed some buddhist concepts
Is it that such discussions are vain  or is it the buddhist perspective of the article itself ?


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