Translation Series - Gita Bhashya - Preface

Vidyasankar vsundaresan at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jul 30 22:24:24 CDT 2002

>1) pR^ithA is the pre-adoption name of kunti. Hence arjuNa is called
>pArtha or son of pR^ithA. When you say "son of prithu" do you mean the
>same? Is not pR^ithu  a masculine name?

Sorry, I made a typo, which escaped my attention before posting. pArtha =
son of pR^ithA (kunti). pR^ithu is a masculine line, and the derived form
would not be pArtha.

>2) Who is the author of this verse? Especially the term
>"advaitaamR^itavarshhiNiim" seems to link to someone in our tradition.

Haven't been able to find out this. I vaguely remember some mention of the
varAha purANa as the source of the verses on gItA mAhatmya, but have to
check whether this verse is also from there.

I'll post the first half of the introductory chapter translation soon.


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