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In my reply to Shri Srikrishna Ghadiyaram given previously,
it seems I have missed typing sentences at two places.
Kindly add the following at places shown. Pardon my carelessness.

Srikrishna Ghadiyaram wrote:

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> Sri Himanshu wrote:
> There are four stages in this teaching :
> ii.     realizing {\skt aikya} - oneness of {\skt
> aatmaa} - Self and
>         {]\skt paramaatmaa} - brahman;
> Q: Where is the question or need to realize the
> one-ness of 'Atman' and 'Brahman' as they are the same
> by definition, when once we differentiate 'Jivatman'
> from the 'Atman' ? Is it not that the nomenclature
> 'Atman' is for the same all-pervading Consciousness
> with respect to the individual (distinct from the
> Jivatman  after accomodating the views of
> Visishtadvaita or Dwaita) ? Ofcourse, I imagine that I
> may realize or 'perceive' the same consciousness in
> all the other beings when I realize my own
> consciousness 'true nature of Jivatman' which I am.
> What you said can not be equal to saying oneness of
> Jivatman and Brahman. Kindly explain.

The equivalence of jiiva with brahman is called
i.e. equivalence by taking matching part of jiiva and
taking baadha of the remaining characteristics.

The equivalence of aatman with brahman is called
i.e. equivalence as equality or by common characteristics.
Both are valid. Some Acharyas take one, some the other.
When we to emphasis the baadha, we say jiivo brahma.h
na ca aparaiva;
when we have already discussed baadha of jiiva to aatman
we may say ayamaatmaa brahma.h

>  I
> am particularly confused when Mundaka Up says there
> are 'two birds' (interpreted as 1. Jivatma 2. Atma or
> Paramatma) or when Aitareya Up says 'He entered the
> body of man' (my doubt is he entered as what ? as
> Jivatma or Atma ?), or when I see sentences saying,
> the Paramatma is witnessing all the Jivas and their
> three states.

(please add to the explanation already given :)
Still, what are these two birds? They are the
kutastha (aatman) and chidaabhaasa (aanandamaya).
chidaabhaasa eats and enjoys the fruits, kutastha
is the witness, look on.

> I am thoroughly disturbed with these confusions.
> Kindly do not ignore them or ask me to derive from all
> the other posts. I would appreciate direct answers, so
> my understanding is not limited by my confused mind
> and its limitations of derivation.
> Om Namo Naarayanaya !!
> Srikrishna

I hope taking into account this missed

portions will clarify it better.

-- Himanshu

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