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> Here is the posting no. 2.
> The first type of person has a direct and
> unmistakable contact with the
> Ultimate Reality. These are the most profound
> persons and are called
> {\skt paramaha.msa} (those who have finally achieved
> oneness with the Ultimate
> Reality). They generally keep quiet. In recent times
> in our country, two
> persons come to my mind -- {\skt
> paramaha.msa} and
> {\skt} -- who can be called this
> way.

I get a doubt on the usage of the word "Paramahamsa".

We see this title with reference to Sri Ramakrishna.
Also, we see this title with Sri Yogananda.

I remember some conversation of Sri Yogananda with
Bhagavan Ramana Maharshi, when Sri Yogananda visited
Bhagavan. Some of you may find the exact conversation
in the "Talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi" - 9 th edition
page 103.

Here are the questions the Yogi asked:

1. How is the spiritual uplife of the people to be
effected? What are the instructions to be given to
them ?
2. Why does God permit suffering in the world? Should
He not with His Omnipotence do away with one stroke
and ordain the Universal realisation of god ?

Maharshi: Suffering is the way for Realisation.
3. Should He not ordain differently ?
4. Are Yoga, religion, etc. antidotes to suffering ?
5. Why should there be suffering ?

(Guess the answer ???)
Maharshi: Who suffers ? What is suffering ?

No answer !
Finally, the Yogi rose up, prayed for Sri Bhagavan's
blessings for his own work and expressed great regret
for his hasty return.


Now, who is a Paramahamsa ???????

Secondly, when we read the classification of Sanyasis
as - Kutichaka, Bahudaka, Hamsa, Paramahamsa, the
first two Kutichaka is one who is confined to his
Kutiya; and Bahudaka is one who keeps moving drinking
waters of different places, so thinking in the similar
lines Hamsa and Paramahamsa should indicate their
state of living or attributes, to keep the
classification meaningful and uniform.

Why are we talking about 'Realisation' when it comes
to Hamsa and Paramahamsa ??

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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