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On Tue, 12 Mar 2002, ken knight wrote:

< What is being ignored?
> That all is one, not two.  In order to walk under a
> bridge the bridge has to be over me. To be a silent
> teacher only has meaning when there is a teaching that
> uses words.  Both take place in a transcendent, single
> consciousness. They have meaning only in their
> context.

Very nicely put Ken.  The silence of bhagawan Dakshinamurti is not the
same as the silence of a person not posting to the list.*  It is not a
lack of communication but a communication of something quite profound.
So the necessity of interpretation is the same as with any book.  On
this auspicious Shivaratri** let us us worship Him by thinking deeply
about His message to the world.

* like Himanshubhai who through circumstances beyond his control is unable
to post to the list right now.  So maybe we should postpone questions for
him until he returns.

** Ravi is correct that strictly speaking Shivaratri was yesterday in US
time zones but most of the local Mandirs seem to be following Indian

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