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swamy swarna wrote:

> Om Namah Sivaya. I joined the group recently, so i
> don't have full info about the discussion, but the
> grades or scales of Jnanis attracted my attention and
> triggered theis response.
> Sri Dakshina Murthy is the Deity who chooses the
> 'silence' as a method of imparting jnana to His
> disciples. All other forms of Deities and Sadgurus,
> meditate so that they may establish contact with the
> infinite. When they need to impart this experience to
> their Sishyas, they choose different methods,
> depending upon the level of the sishya.
> Thus Sri Sankara came with a specific purpose of
> teaching ordinary people like us and so had to speak
> verbally and or dictate to his disciples so that the
> message is preserved for posterity.
> Real Jnana has to be experienced and experience has no
> words. However, to encourage Sadhakas on the path and
> to help them to choose the path suited to them, the
> Guru explains verbally His experiences. His Jnana is
> certainly not reduced by that.
> And for those of you who are familiar to binary
> system, Ajnana and Jnana are like those two states,
> either I am a Jnanai or I am not.
> Venkateswara Swamy Swarna
> (Spiritual Sadhaka)

I think it is very difficult to say that Jnani/Ajnani forms
a binary system.

What would be exact definition of a Jnani?

Please consider this :

In Bliss of Non-Duality (Brahmanande advaitananda), Swami
Vidyara.nya says : (Translation by Swami Swahananda) :

saccidaanandaruupe .a |
svayamevaavajaanaati naamaruupe "sanai.h "sanai.h      ||   [80]

With direct knowledge of Brahman - the Eternal Existence, Consciousness
and Bliss, names and forms slowly  come to be disregarded.

yaavadyaavadavaj~naa |
yaavadyaavadviik.sate tattaavattaadubhe tyajet          ||  [81]

The more duality is negated, the clearer the Realization of Brahman
and as realization becomes perfected names and forms come to be
disregarded of themselves.

tadabhyaasena vidyaayaa.m susvitaayaa.m pumaan |
jiivanneva bhavenmukto vapurastu yathaa tathaa   || [82]

When through the continuous practice of meditation, a man is established

in the knowledge of Brahman, he becomes liberated even while living.
the fate of his body does not matter.

NOw, consider a person described by  [80] or [81] above, while he has
not yet
reached "perfection" (whatever it may be). Is he a Jnani or not?

-- Himanshu
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