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Sat Mar 16 10:48:36 CST 2002

Sri Ram and Sai Ram. Many many thanks for the posting
giving the chapter from Sri Tripura Rahasya. It has
been beckoning me for quite some time but I could not
get the book in my hands. Can you kindly tell me the
website where i can see the whole book?

I just read a little of what you so kindly presented.
I will read the whole chapter and then will respond.
But one immediate reaction or shall i say perception.
Each of the Jnani stages which u presented caould be
thought of as a plane or as an octave. Within each,
there can be some gradations, but when one qualifies,
he shifts to the higher plane.

Another perception is like white light passed through
a small prism, so that we can clearly see only the
three primary colors. while one can distinguish
clearly between the three colors, the actual boundary
is difficult to delineate. these are just some
spontaneous perceptions.

many thanks for the posting.

swamy swarna

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> >
> > swamy swarna wrote:
> > >the grades or scales of Jnanis attracted my
> attention
> > and
> > > triggered theis response.
> Namaste,
> Many thanks for your posting.  I do not know if you
> know of this text..Tripura Rahasya....but it has a
> lengthy chapter on this topic...the previous chapter
> is on states of samadhi but I think that this i long
> enough. You can get the whole book on line if you
> wish.
> I hope that it is of interest.
> Om sri ram
> Ken Knight

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