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> Can you kindly tell me the
> website where i can see the whole book?

The Tripura Rahasya comes in two parts which you will
find at:

This is the complete English translation.  I amd also
looking out for the Sanskrit as there are some words
that I would like to study more.

> Within each,
> there can be some gradations, but when one
> qualifies,
> he shifts to the higher plane.

This is the eternal problem. Once the first division
is in place, endless sub-divisions will arise.  This
seems to be true in both the outward and inward
What I mean by that is that from the point of view of
a subject and object then the universe is ever
'expanding' from moment to moment. In this direction
the divisions produce ever thicker veils.
Also, on the return journey we begin by dividing
knowledge into lower and higher and then further
sub-divisions arise as ignorance (past understanding)
falls away in the light of new insight.  As we
proceed, the veils covering yet reflecting That which
is utterly transcendent and all pervading become ever
I see this as the natural functioning of the buddhi
which only becomes a problem when the ahankara starts
to fix these levels or stages with a name followed  by
a claim...'I am a lower jnani' 'He is a middle jnani'.

> Another perception is like white light passed
> through
> a small prism, so that we can clearly see only the
> three primary colors. while one can distinguish
> clearly between the three colors, the actual
> boundary
> is difficult to delineate.

As you can see from the above, I totally agree with
your observation.  People on this list have often seen
me quote a mathematical statement:'Only that which has
a boundary can be divided'.
 In truth there is no boundary in knowledge as it is
Absolute, therefore there can be no scale of jnanis
from that point of view.  From our common point of
view, that we are separate, then a scale of jnanis
will arise and, for a time, have its use but
ultimately such a view must be renounced.   It will
disappear anyway but if we hang on to the efforts to
renounce it we will still be deluded.

Hope you find the Tripura on line,

Om sri ram jai jai ram

Ken Knight

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