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Dear Members,

I am jumping into this thread without reading the past few posts, so here is what I have read about para-bhakti.
I quote from "Ramanuja on the Upanishads" authored by Late Sri.S.S.Raghavachar. However, the passage I quote is not a Visisthadvaitic interpretation. This verse is refered to in the corresponding chapters of the Svestasvataropanishad. I do not have a standard copy with me here in the US. I hope to "upgrade" my library after my trip to Bharatha in August 2002.

The words "Sharanam Prapadye" (I take refuge) and "para-bhakti"(Supreme Devotion) occur in the sixth chapter verses 18 and 23 respectively. I request members who have access to a copy of the upanishad to post the verses which would help this discussion.


Ramanuja  Dasan,

Malolan Cadambi

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