Manifestations as Maya

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--- "Bell, Gregg" <jbell3 at CBA.UA.EDU> wrote:
> If all is ultimately Brahman and "all else" is maya,
>  then are
> manifestations of Brahman such as Kali and Vishnu
> also maya?
> Then are mantras maya as well?
> Gregg
> jbell3 at

Hari Om !!

Your question can be mis-leading and ultimately very
distructive. I am sure learned members will repsond
appropriately. Here is my note.

1. There is no 'Maya' separate from Brahman.

2. Vishnu and Kali are as real or as Maya as I and
you. i.e as long as I and you exist Vishnu and Kali
also exist. When I am you become one with
consciousness then Vishnu and Kali may not exist

3. For one who has transcended the creation, every
thing is un-real from that plane, just as dream and
dream-objects become unreal after waking up.

4. Maya is not some kind of magic.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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