Manifestations as Maya

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On Sun, 17 Mar 2002, Bell, Gregg wrote:

> If all is ultimately Brahman and "all else" is maya,  then are
> manifestations of Brahman such as Kali and Vishnu also maya?

The key word in your question is manifestation.  In truth all is one but
due to maya, the one is perceived as many.  The fault is in the observer
not in Kali or Vishnu.  Maya is not "illusion" but "misunderstanding."

> Then are mantras maya as well?

Yes.  If both God and Vedanta are maya then how can they bring about
liberation?  An example is given of a person who sees a tiger in a dream.
The nightmare tiger might be so vivid, he gets scared and wakes up.  Even
though the tiger was unreal it still caused a real effect.

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