Prakarana Granthas of Adi Sankara

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Sat Mar 23 02:46:32 CST 2002

--- Srikrishna Ghadiyaram >

Namaste Srikrishna,
> At this point of time as I decide to study Sankara's
> presentation of Advaita, I should be clear of what
> he
> really said. My personal experience comes later.

I understand and respect your viewpoint because I have
had to work in the same way at times.
However may I pose a question and suggestion in reply
to the staement 'My personal experience comes later.'
I disagree.
The personal experience is that which initiated your
enquiry. How else can it have begun?  The problem
comes with the 'My' attached to the enquiry.  This
possessive pronoun will very quickly come in to cover
the initial insight which is not ours to claim. When I
say very quickly I mean 'lightning fast'.
An important step for us all is to learn to hear the
echoes of that original insight and be obedient
( obedience means 'in/with listening' ).  The Inner
Guru is all pervading and ever available if we can be

Om sri ram

Ken Knight

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