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--- Srikrishna Ghadiyaram <> >
> > > I saw some posting in the Advaitin list that
> > > 'Vivekachoodamani' is not
> > > Sankara's composition and it is a 16 th century
> > > text. I saw another post
> > > claiming that 'Aparoksha Anubhuti' is also not a
> > > Sankara composition.

Jai Srikrishna,

If you recall the topic of the discussion of the
authenticity of vivekachuudamani came in the advaitin
list when we were discussing about bhavaruupa aspect
of aj~nnaaa. Shree Aatmaanandaji was ascertaining that
the concpet of bhaavaruupa aj~naana came into picture
during post shankara period - He has provided a
chnological aspect.  As we see in Shree bhashya,
Ramanuja extensively criticizes the bhaava ruupa
aspect as part of his puurvapaksha.  I personally find
there are several conceptual problems in that concept
from logical grounds and Aatmaananda was right in
pointing out the logical problems involved.  During
the discussion when I bought in Vivekachuudaamani
slokas - he also ascertained that there is a question
about the authorship of text to shankara.

In the past there were discussions in this list that
some of the upanishads are not authentic.  Shree
Jaldhar,  for example had raised questions that
vajrasuuchi upanishad that discusses the varnaashrama
in a different perspective and mentioned that it is
not considered as authentic.  Hence a sadhak wants to
know what is authentic and what is not when we take
spriptures or a particular author as pramaana,
particularly when the concpets are conflicting.

Once Vidyashankar give a list of the texts  that are
definitely attributed to Adi Shankara - I think his
article may be in the archieves of the advaitaL list -
May be Ravi or Jaldhar can halp to pull it out.  If
not if Vidya finds time he can repost it for the
benefit of the those who are interested.
Aparokshanubuuti is attributed to Shankara but not
dR^ikdR^isya viveka.

In the final alysis what Ken says is right.  But
during the stage of sadhana and when one is trying
grasp concepts clearly, contraditions from one text to
the other will be unsettling to the intellect.

My 2c on this topic.

Hari OM!

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