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Actually, if we accept that Varnas were created by God
(as He declares in Gita), it is also probably correct
to think that they were born in a particular Varna,
because of their purva janma 'vasanas' to enable them
to grow up in a proper spiritual atmosphere. No one
becomes a Brahmin by birth. The very word 'Dwija'
denotes 'twice born', i.e. the one who has undergone
the spiritual opening of the third eye (upanayana
samskaram means that) and not just a ritual.

A soul born in a 'responsible' Varna (if some body has
to talk of upper caste, it is only from this angle
that he or she has more responsibility to observe
Dharma), the punishment for deviation is much more. It
is like when an innocent or ignorant person commits a
mistake, the penalty is less, compared to what an
educated person has to pay.

Those who are charged with performing pujas, vratas
and yagnas are especially subject to this law. If one
is not in a position to observe Swadharma, one should
be honest enough to admit it and not indulge in any
hypocritical practices. That would be much more
harmful in the long run.

Swamy SV

--- "Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM> wrote:
> On Fri, 22 Mar 2002, ravi chandrasekhara wrote:
> > So my
> > question is, do Brahmans who transgress certain
> > shastric rules still eligible to undergo samskaras
> > etc. e.g. is a beef-eating Brahman allowed to
> undergo
> > Brahminic samskaras ?
> >
> Yes they are still entitled.  In the same way as an
> illiterate person is
> also entitled to check out books from the public
> library.  And it will do
> them about as much good.  Dharma is supposed to be a
> total way of life,
> one cannot just pick and choose what one wants to
> do.  Also attitude is
> important.  Even a person who does 100 ashvamedhas
> or vajapeyas or other
> elaborate yajnas will suffer if they are done for
> selfish gain rather than
> an offering to the Lord.
> So while we object to those who try and hide the
> fact that ones Dharma
> depends on ones' birth, we also caution those who
> arrogantly believe
> merely being born in a particular station of life is
> enough.
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