kaangEya : meaning?

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 Among the different versions in the Puranas of how Kartikeya was born out
of Lord Shiva, one of it was that the six flames out of His eye was carried
on to the Ganges river. The river Ganga is hence referred to be Lord
Kartikeya's Mother - since He was fed by the six Krittika Devis, He is also
called Kartikeya.
Hope this helps.
bhava shankara desikame sharanam

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Actually there is a tamizh krithi (carnatic song) of Papanasam Sivan
in which the pallavi goes like "kaarthikEya kaangEya gowri tanayaa".
As you said the second word should refer to Subramanya (and not Shiva as I
mistook it). Then it should be "gaangEya". I have heard people singing
it as "kaangEya". I am not sure about this.
But please tell why Subramanya is called as "one who was born of river


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> > Dear members,
> >   Can someone please tell the significance of the name
> > "kaangEya" for Lord Shiva?
> "Gaangeya" usually refers to BhIshhma, since he was born of
> river Ganga.
> I think it also refers to SubrahmaNya for the same reason.
> Perhaps you mean "Gangesh" for Shiva since he is the Lord of the Ganga
> (He caught her in His matted locks).
> >   Thanks,
> >   chandrasekaran.
> -Kartik

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