kaangEya : meaning?

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On 25 Mar 2002, at 18:07,  Venkatraman.Chandrasekaran wrote:

> Actually there is a tamizh krithi (carnatic song) of Papanasam Sivan
> in which the pallavi goes like "kaarthikEya kaangEya gowri tanayaa".
> As you said the second word should refer to Subramanya (and not Shiva as =
> I
> mistook it). Then it should be "gaangEya". I have heard people singing
> it as "kaangEya". I am not sure about this.
> But please tell why Subramanya is called as "one who was born of river=20
> Ganga"?
> Thanks,
> chandrasekaran.
Devas were eagerly waiting for the birth of kumaran who
is supposed to kill the demon taaraka. Some how they
managed to arrange to get uma and siva married. But siva
went on sporting with paarvati without discharge and there
was no chance for conception and the birth of kaartikeya.
Devas sent agni to try to interrupt their sport hoping that
may produce discharge and conception. When agni did that
siva got angry and discharged on agni. agni unable to bear
the tejas threw it in gagaa. gangaa also was unable to bear it
and threw it in saravana grass on its banks. The six krittikaas
came and shaped shanmukha and thus became his mothers.

So he is gaangeya, saravanabhava, kaartikeya etc.,



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