A question on manifestation of maya

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Hari Om !!

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> Why does every member of this list see
> the sky as blue? if it is just our imagination than
> you should see it as
> pink, I as green etc. But there seems to be
> something out there which
> we all perceive as the same in its' major details
> This brings us to a very interesting observation
> that:
> In the Vyavahaarika State every body sees the things
> around them very much in the same way without
> exception unless there is some defect in their
> instrument of cognition.
> In Dream state however, each member  i.e. Jiva  sees
> different things differently and no two jivas dream
> up the same thing atall in their respective dreams!!

Here are two important points to note, in this

1. Swami Sivananda while explaining this point said,
"Even in dream  the dreamer and the other dream
participants see only one Sun, Moon, etc. Just like in
'waking' state. So, both have equal 'reality'"
 Of course, we all know that in dream we do not
consider the dreams of other people. All that one
dreams is the world.

2. The same question was raised by Sri Rama and Sage
Vasishta gives the reason as "Kakataliyam".

A crow (Kaka) came and sat under a Tala tree. At the
same time a Tala fruit dropped from the tree. It fell
on the crow and it died. Here we should not ascribe a
cause and effect relationship. It is just accidental ,
Kakataliyam. So, also, all the beings see the same
world, accidentally.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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