Veda Pathasala in India

Jagannath Chatterjee jagchat01 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Nov 6 05:57:53 CST 2002

Dear Jaldhar,

I fully agree with your views in regard to
Srikrishna's query. The child should not suffer from
culture shock. The fact that he has spend so many
years in the USA will certainly have an impact on him
when he comes to India to study in a vedic pathashala.

Another point is that the average trend in India is to
send intelligent children to modern schools. So the
traditional pathashalas get students of less than
average intelligence. Yes this is true, though I agree
there may be exceptions.

But I fully agree with Srikrishna that the child
should acquire knowledge of the veda and vedangas. My
parents were not so concerned with this aspect and so
I am what I am today, neither here nor there. It is
only, thanks to the Ramakrishna Mission, that I am
somewhat cognizant of India's hoary past.

Today when I am struggling to study astrology, my lack
of basic knowledge is pulling me down.

Srikrishna, I would also advise you to let your son
study in the USA with a special tutor at home.
Moreover with your son at home you could also have a
close watch over him and guide him with your own
superior knowledge. Your son too will not miss his

BTW, Jaldhar I have offered prayers to Lord Jagannath
in your daughter Shailaja's name. However the pandit
wanted to know the gotra which I could not say. Could
you please convey it to me so that the next time the
worship in her name could be complete?

Regards to all

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