Veda Pathasala in India

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Wed Nov 6 07:47:38 CST 2002

Kudos to Sri Krishna Ghadiyaram!
I wish more parents emulate him.

1.There is a Veda Vigyan Pathashala in Chenenahalli village, in the
outskirts of Bangalore.Students who have completed X std. are only
admitted.The principal of this "modern Gurukulam" is Dr.Ramachandra Bhat,
who is an authority on Krishna yajurveda, vyaakaranam,nyaayam etc.
The students learn veda, computer science, ayurveda, farming,Samskritam
etc...At the end of the five year course, they can appear for MA Sanskrit
correspondence course of Mysore University and they are bound to pass with
distinction.This pathashala was started four years back.The admission is
quite strict.The entire education is free of cost.The lingua franca in this
institution is Samskritam.

But this wont be of use to the child of Sri Krishna Ghadiyaram who is just
eight year old.I wrote this for the general information of the esteemed
readers of this list.

2.There is another Vedapathashaala in the outskirts of Bangalore.This is run
by Arya Samaj.The correspondent of this pathashala was in USA two years
Ten year old children are admitted.Vedas are taught in the morning and the
regular CBSE curriculum is taught in the afternoon.I think this might suit
the son of Sri Krishna.

Please go and visit this vidyaabhyaasa-sthaapanam before taking any


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