Veda Pathasala in India

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I do not know where you live in the U.S. In New Jersey area, there is a
person teaching people in the traditional way.  It is not his fulltime job,
and amidst all the things in the U.S. people go to him to learn Yajur Veda.
I live in South Western PA, and unfortunately NJ is very far for me to
travel and learn from him.

I have heard good things about him from friends, and during the Chandi Homa
conducted by Sringeri mutt, I have seeen all his students diligently
chanting Sri Rudram and other things. The current Acharyas of Sringeri and
Kanchi mutts have praised him for his efforts to preserve the Vedic

I can get you more details, and his phone number if required.



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