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Jagannath Chatterjee wrote:

> Dear Jaldhar,
> I fully agree with your views in regard to
> Srikrishna's query. The child should not suffer from
> culture shock. The fact that he has spend so many
> years in the USA will certainly have an impact on him
> when he comes to India to study in a vedic pathashala.

I hope I didn't overstate the case about culture shock.  In the end it
depends on the pyschological makeup of an individual.  It is just
something to bear in mind that's all.

> Another point is that the average trend in India is to
> send intelligent children to modern schools. So the
> traditional pathashalas get students of less than
> average intelligence. Yes this is true, though I agree
> there may be exceptions.

Hopefully there will be many more exceptions in the future as India slowly
extricates itself from the colonial mentality.

> Srikrishna, I would also advise you to let your son
> study in the USA with a special tutor at home.
> Moreover with your son at home you could also have a
> close watch over him and guide him with your own
> superior knowledge. Your son too will not miss his
> family.

India is definitely the superior choice if it can be managed.  Here in the
US it is possible to study (I know, I did it.) but it is more

> BTW, Jaldhar I have offered prayers to Lord Jagannath
> in your daughter Shailaja's name. However the pandit
> wanted to know the gotra which I could not say. Could
> you please convey it to me so that the next time the
> worship in her name could be complete?

Thankyou!  I am truly blessed to know people like you.  Our gotra is
Bharadwaja and the sutra is Katyayana.  Shailajas' birth nakshatra is

Erama Kiruttinan wrote:

> 1.There is a Veda Vigyan Pathashala in Chenenahalli village, in the
> outskirts of Bangalore.Students who have completed X std. are only
> admitted.The principal of this "modern Gurukulam" is Dr.Ramachandra Bhat,
> who is an authority on Krishna yajurveda, vyaakaranam,nyaayam etc. The
> students learn veda, computer science, ayurveda, farming,Samskritam
> etc...At the end of the five year course, they can appear for MA Sanskrit
> correspondence course of Mysore University and they are bound to pass with
> distinction.This pathashala was started four years back.The admission is
> quite strict.The entire education is free of cost.The lingua franca in
> this institution is Samskritam.

This also seems quite interesting.

> 2.There is another Vedapathashaala in the outskirts of Bangalore.This is
> run by Arya Samaj.The

...this however is unsuitable.  The Arya Samaja are nastikas.

Sadananda wrote:

> Chinmaya Mission runs International residential school -in Coimbattur
> where swamini Vimalananda teaches. I am not sure how much of Veda-s they
> teach.

Then this is no good either.  One should not settle for less than the best
in any field of life particularly this one.

It's not that I'm against all innovation altogether but it must not come
at the expense of the highest standards set by our ancestors.  If one aims
for mediocrity will it be surprising if all one ends up with is

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