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Hari Om !!

Certainly, you do not want at this time Upanishadic
lore for a baby.

It is more important to introduce the name of God as
soon and repeat as often as possible.

One of the best things you can do is to buy a
CD/Cassette of TTD or other source which continuously
repeats, "Om Namo Narayanaya". There are CDs
similarly with "Om Trayambakam ...." etc.

I am personally of the opinion that this should be
your first step. After that if your child has crossed
Kindergarten stage, then start with Chinmaya Mission
BalaVihar classes. Chinmaya Mission has audio
cassettes of the prayers which they teach to children.
The printed book is also available.

Above all, your child must see you and your wife doing
Japa, reading, doing puja at home regularly. Take the
child to temples. Slowly, they will automatically
develop natural interest. Do not think that they do
not understand.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


--- Rajesh Sarin <Rajesh_Sarin at RIL.COM> wrote:
> Namaskar !
> I have seen parents buy Audio Cassettes / CDs with
> Nursery Rhymes
> to teach the little child. It gave me an idea, why
> not have something
> similar for my little child but has the content of
> our ancient knowledge !
> I am interested in having a good Audio Cassette / CD
> which can
> help introduce my little child into the world of
> Vedic / Upnishadic /
> Subhashitani with meanings and good music  for
> children !
> If some good book is available on the above matter,
> that would be
> also helpful
> Just thinking - let me know - if this is available &
> at what cost !
> regards - Sarin Rajesh

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