what is the minimum?

Steve Wray steve.wray at PARADISE.NET.NZ
Fri Nov 15 15:21:38 CST 2002

It has often occured to me that there are some
interesting patterns in the worlds faiths etc;

In Christianity and Islam, for example, one must
be possessed of a fairly large body of geographical
and historical knowledge before one can *be* a Christian
or a Moslem.

In Judaism, one can be a Jew without even realising it,
for example it ones mother were a Jew and one was seperated
from her at a very early age, without any religious
indoctrination one would still be a Jew.

In the case of Taoism, it is quite possible that one
might develop a world view that coincides with that
of Taoism without any knowledge of Taoist history
or texts.

I am curious as to the lists perceptions of the
minimum requirement for Advaita Vedanta; is knowledge
of specific historical facts, specific geographical
knowledge, exposure to specific writings and so forth a
Or is it based more on ones understanding of the
'way the world works'?


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