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Mon Nov 18 02:55:19 CST 2002

Namaste Srikrishna,

I am still trying to catch up with the mercury of
events that keep scattering across the table each
morning. It also seems that every Rakshasa in this
part of the universe is having fun at the moment.

However I really want to acknowledge your mails now
with many thanks and just suggest something in reply
to this latest.
--- Srikrishna Ghadiyaram
<srikrishna_ghadiyaram at YAHOO.COM> wrote:
>> How can I point out to the intellect where the
> Critti is. Also, before
> Vedanta, I did not even know the ideas of Vritti.

'Before Vedanta' may be an historical moment in our
lives but it is also a present now.
As most of us have been trained from the body's birth
to be attached to the outer world of the senses it is
necessary for the teacher of Reality to start at that
level of superimposition. It is necessary to use

'Before the ideas of Vritti', both in the past and
present now, leads us nicely to a point where we can
both share in the same knowledge. We are losing
locality as we move away from language and we can now
not point to a single place where the knowledge behind
the words is residing.
When we reach that point of shared understanding we
can give each other no more than a knowing smile in
Language gives us name and form, and maybe through
such as the Mahavakyas or other words from
sruti....this is to be discussed by Shankara in the
Upadesha Sahasri....we can move away from the binding
quality of language.

Your point is helping us prepare the ground to be
awake pupils of the teacher. I am sure that these
first sections of the Upadesha, properly heard and
reflected upon, clear the ground for the teaching to

Thank you for your persistence and I hope that I can
give your other points the attention they deserve,

Peace and Happiness

Ken Knight

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