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On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, Jagannath Chatterjee wrote:

> Another thing I wish to say, and which is sure to
> attract flak, is that the Sankaracharyas should take
> into consideration the present problems being faced by
> the masses in leading a vedic life.

The "masses" don't have problems it is the westernized elite who do.  And
their trouble doesn't stem from their environment (which is is totally in
their hands) but from their illiteracy.  This is the crux of the problem
and until it is dealt with no amount of palliatives will help the current

> Times have changed

You are right.  We no longer have to worry about starving to death
because the crops failed.  We no longer have to laboriously copy out
shastras by hand because books are available from a wide range of places
and the Internet.  We no longer have to worry about our children dying of
malaria or smallpox before they grow up.  We no longer have to make
arduous treks to far away places to be able to learn about Dharma, the
teachings of our Acharyas are widely disseminated through all kinds of
media.  We no longer have to worry about fanatic Mughal emperors burning
down our Mandirs.

Times have changed.

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