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Hari Om !!

--- "Jaldhar H. Vyas" <jaldhar at BRAINCELLS.COM> wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Nov 2002, Jagannath Chatterjee wrote:
> > Another thing I wish to say, and which is sure to
> > attract flak, is that the Sankaracharyas should
> take
> > into consideration the present problems being
> faced by
> > the masses in leading a vedic life.
> The "masses" don't have problems it is the
> westernized elite who do.

How do you know that the "masses" do not have problems
?  Did you ask them.  Are you a social
scientist/researcher ? What is the "Pramana" for it ?
Do not just imagine, or ascribe your own limited
knowledge as a "scriptural" utterance. Show us the

> their trouble doesn't stem from their environment
> (which is is totally in
> their hands) but from their illiteracy.  This is the
> crux of the problem
> and until it is dealt with no amount of palliatives
> will help the current
> situation.

If you believe, it is "illiteracy" that is the cause
of the problem, then let the Sankaracharyas address
it. Ofcourse, you may comeup with a new definition of

Infact, because of literacy only that these masses
have started agitating against the in-human treatment
given to them, and is being given. We do not need a
religion which can not treat a human being like a
human being. Do not look for literacy which respects
the "religious outlook" as you "want" it alone.

> > Times have changed
> You are right.  We no longer have to worry about
> starving to death
> because the crops failed.  We no longer have to
> laboriously copy out
> shastras by hand because books are available from a
> wide range of places
> and the Internet.  We no longer have to worry about
> our children dying of
> malaria or smallpox before they grow up.  We no
> longer have to make
> arduous treks to far away places to be able to learn
> about Dharma, the
> teachings of our Acharyas are widely disseminated
> through all kinds of
> media.  We no longer have to worry about fanatic
> Mughal emperors burning
> down our Mandirs.
> Times have changed.

You can not just be sercastic to prove that you are
right. I know your scholarly abilities and you can
understand what Sri jagannath has said while referring
to "Times have changed"

Sri Jagannath said, "Times have changed
and being unnecessarily strict on certain rituals will
keep the masses away from religion in its true sense,
that is the realisation of the Self, or God
realisation however you put it."

For all the advaitic dialectic that you can employ in
terms of primary meaning and secondary meaning, and
fight the Visishtaadwaitins and Dwaitins, and other
other interpretations of the Sruthi, the sentence
"Times have changed" IN THE CONTEXT of Sri Jagannath's
post is clear, and you can easily understand.

But, you chose not to acknowledge the simple meaning
of it and wrote your sercastic comments listing what
we already know in terms of increased facilities in
the modern life. Your comments need not repeat a well
established 'sruthi'.

Religion and Mathas are not for a few privileged. It
is for well being of all. Otherwise get out of the
"people's" life. Be Good and Do Good for all. Use the
increased the prosperity and growth to serve more.
Then only does knowledge has served any purpose.

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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