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Wed Nov 20 15:18:38 CST 2002

1. Regarding J.C. comment on compromises to our practices based on
modern times: There is a good reply to that in Hindu Dharma. Kanchi
Paramacharya clearly states why he [would not|should not|will not]
compromise. As always, his words are chiseled with wisdom.

2. My view is: any compromise that takes place -- has to happen at
personal level and one should NOT expect a religious authority to call
that out. For that to happen:

a. One should know what dharma states -- requires learning

b. Understand or analyze why it is difficult or impossible  to follow.

c. Use this improved understanding -- which is a realization of one's
karpaNyam -- to strengthen and increase one's sharaNagati to God. [this
idea is an adoption from shriivaishhNava religion]. I find this a very
powerful approach.

3. About Fake shankaracharya-s etc. Best is to follow Saint Valluvar's
rule. "epporuL yaar yaar vaay keTpinum apporuL meypporuL kaaNbathaRivu"
-- "whatever, from whomever you hear, analyze, understand and see the
inner meaning."  That way personality takes the back seat and message
takes the front seat. Faking was there at all times -- did not siitaa
maataa fall prey to fake appearance of rAvaNa.

ambaaL daasan


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