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I studied Indian philosophy as part of my BA Honors,
at Victoria University of Wellington, under Jay Shaw.
My main object of study was the doctrine of Maya.

In the course of this study I discovered that Advaita Vedanta
was an extremely close match with the philosophy I had
developed for myself prior to this study.
It was most interesting to learn that I was, in effect,
a kind of Hindu (though I have no knowledge of Hindu customs
or historical traditions).

This also made some sense of a comment by an acquaintance
(whom I believe was a Hindu priest (he officiated at the opening
ceremony of Aucklands first Hindu temple)).
We were discussing philosophy, and when I had explained to
him my beliefs he exclaimed "Oh! You are a silent devotee!"
When I asked him to clarify, he explained that I was a Hindu
without realising it.

So, I have since then done a lot of thinking and research
and I definitely believe that Advaita Vedanta holds the key
to my own internal system of beliefs.

Therefore, I would like to develop my understanding further!

The thing which most recently sparked my interest, was the discovery
that the theory of quantum computers opens up a whole field
of scientific validation of Advaita Vedanta etc. in terms of the
many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

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