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ravi chandrasekhara vadhula at YAHOO.COM
Thu Oct 31 10:35:24 CST 2002

Dear Shri Jaldhar and group,

Before my comments, I would like to state that this
discussion group has been intellectually stimulating
and good source to discuss and get advice on "issues
pertaining to dharma ".

Regarding on-line panchanga, I think it would be
wonderful idea and to make it relavent to the USA time
zones.  In addition, hopefully produce it for both
types of calenders lunar and solar with explanations.
In addition the duration of a tithi from what I've
noticed doesn't always correspond to a 24 hr day and
may be even less in duration and overlapping days of
our "modern or rather Gregorian calender".  The Hindu
temple Society has a panchanga for North America, I
think an excellent effort albiet some gaps.

>From what I've read (unfortunately English
translations only) Bhagavata Puraana keeps accurate
chronology where as the other puraanas tend to "skip
around chronologically"

Another point, regarding questions pertaining to
dharma is it possible for the Advaita discussion group
to pass some questions to the presiding
Shankaracharyas.  In addition, it would be nice to
know with regards to specifics as to what the answers
may be with regards to someone's caste and gender. (ie
ok for a Kshatriya to engage in warfare but for a
Braahman possibly only during aapat-kaal)

Dhanyavaad, Ravi Chandrasekhara MD

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