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> > What is shraddha?
> >
> > shaastrasya guruvaakyasya
> satyabud.hdhyavadhaaraNam.h .
> > saa shraddhaa kathitaa sad.hbhiryayaa
> vastuupalabhyate .. 25..
> >
> giita 4.39 - shraddhaavan labhate jnAnam
> shraddhaavaa.Nl{}labhate GYaanaM tatparaH
> sa.nyatendriyaH .
> GYaanaM labdhvaa paraaM
> shaantimachireNaadhigach{}chhati .. 4\.39..

Namaste all,

Having returned from  extended and
more-busy-than-expected travels, we found visitors at
home who required much time.
Now my PC has been confused by the addition of a new
keyboard and has had to go to 'hospital' after a week
of my insufficient diagnosis and treatment.
I am using my laptop which does not have the archives
address in 'My favourites' and I cannot find this in
any of the mails.
Can someone please help with the archives address as
my PC hard disk may have to be wiped?

I cannot remember how far in the prose section I had
progressed and posted.  I have now completed most of
the remaining verses of the three parts of the prose
section but have a couple of gaps to sort out and I
would like to compare the translations that I have to

Although I agree with Ravi that we would do well to
proceed slowly, verse by verse, I would also like to
present the whole for those who may be new to the
Upadesha Sahasri.
Going verse by verse we will never be able to give
such people a view of the whole section.

RE. Shraddha.

For myself I tend to relate this to the root Shru and
therefore 'listening' is basic.  However, this is not
the listening 'to the words' of the teacher for this
builds up a dualistic approach of analysis of the
meaning of the words.
It is rather a state of being 'in listening' to the
sound behind the words. Having 'faith' that has arisen
within oneself from past experience, we are able to
put aside the efforts to 'listen' and to 'think up'
something interesting to say, and are able to respond
to what we hear 'in the moment' from both the teacher
and ourselves.

Within this approach there is the possibility of
always being faithfully in the presence of the Guru.

This is my understanding so far, in accordance with
Gita 4.39 I believe, but no doubt it will change as
time passes.


Ken Knight

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