Upadesha Sahasri -1

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On Sun, 27 Oct 2002, ken knight wrote:

> any of the mails.
> Can someone please help with the archives address as
> my PC hard disk may have to be wiped?

welcome back Ken.  You can find the list archives at

> I cannot remember how far in the prose section I had
> progressed and posted.  I have now completed most of
> the remaining verses of the three parts of the prose
> section but have a couple of gaps to sort out and I
> would like to compare the translations that I have to
> hand.

Your last post was on September 22, and and you got up to section 44.

> Although I agree with Ravi that we would do well to
> proceed slowly, verse by verse, I would also like to
> present the whole for those who may be new to the
> Upadesha Sahasri.
> Going verse by verse we will never be able to give
> such people a view of the whole section.

the beauty of the Internet is we can do both!

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