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On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, Shrinivas Gadkari wrote:

> Would like to mention that Nahusha was the 2/3 generations from
> the vaivastha manu, born after the great flood that occured at the
> end of the last ice age.
> So this fact also somewhat supports the ice age interpretation.

If we follow that line of thinking, Manu Vaivasvata was the first king of
the satyayuga.  If we accept that the Kaliyuga began in 3101 BC, that
would place him around 3,000,000 BC.  Was there an Ice Age back then?
Were there even any people back then?

Actually I just thought about it and it's even earlier.  This is the 28th
Kaliyuga of this manvantara so push the data back to
approximately 119,000,000 BC

We have to be careful in interpreting shastras literally or we will end up
with absurdities like those Christians who think the earth is only 6,000
years old because of the Bible.

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