Indra and Vrtra

Shrinivas Gadkari sgadkari2001 at YAHOO.COM
Wed Oct 30 12:32:06 CST 2002

>By this reckoning, kali yuga has ended and we are already two years into
>next satya yuga. The year is 2002 AD now. But no major event has occured
>yet, to mark the end of the last yuga cycle and the beginning of the new
>And then, we have to take into account the tradition that says that the
>yuga began with the end of the Mahabharata war. Which means that this big
>war was fought in 800 AD. This is a little too late, is it not?
>On a note of general caution, we should stop taking one or the other
>(or one or the other book, for that matter) as authoritative sources of
>information. The mere fact that there is information out there, readily
>available, does not mean that the said information is valid.
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Modern educational training that most of us have received has taught
us not to take anything as authoritative to start with. But if you can
reconcile the information with other facts that you are aware of then
our faith in that information grows. This is the case here. True, I am
not able to reconcile everything, and some of these points you have
already listed in your reply.

However it is fact that there was a major change in water levels around
10000 BC attributed to the end of ice age. In that case, the legend of
the great flood during the time of vaivastha manu is probably a fact.
Shri Krishna's date from dwArakA dating is around 1500 BC. Now if you
place Krishna at the end of dwApara, straight forward calculation will
show you that kali yuga ended a long time ago.

Now let us test the hypothesis that the information that I posted earlier
is true. As you rightly point out, this means we are at the junction
between kali and satya. So which major event are we looking at. I would
bet on revival of the understanding of the vedas. I mean the practical
application of Veda in our daily life. Here I am hinting at a breakthrough
in our understanding wherein modern science and vedic world-view will
merge. In my opinion we are almost there.

Best regards
Shrinivas Gadkari

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