Indra and Vrtra

Steve Wray steve.wray at PARADISE.NET.NZ
Wed Oct 30 12:50:27 CST 2002

That the end of the kali yuga should fall precisely on the
christian era of the year 2000 seems far too much of
a cooincidence; I'm not suggesting a mystical link
but rather that such nicely rounded numbers are a bit
suspicious to me.

Indeed, the roundedness of the yuga numbers on *exact*
multiples of 10 in relation to the christian calender
is by itself wierd enough to arouse suspicion in me!

My guess is that some fiddling of the numbers has crept in,
probably in recent decades or centuries.

(Even if we posit some mystical connection, we are left with
the absurdity that those very christian era year numbers
are not guaranteed to be accurate; the precise year of
the birth of christ is by no means known).

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> >If we follow that line of thinking, Manu Vaivasvata was the
> first king
> >of the satyayuga.  If we accept that the Kaliyuga began in 3101 BC,
> >that would place him around 3,000,000 BC.  Was there an Ice Age back
> >then? Were there even any people back then?
> >
> >Actually I just thought about it and it's even earlier.  This is the
> >28th Kaliyuga of this manvantara so push the data back to
> approximately
> >119,000,000 BC
> >
> >We have to be careful in interpreting shastras literally or
> we will end
> >up with absurdities like those Christians who think the
> earth is only
> >6,000 years old because of the Bible.
> >
> Namaste,
> I hope this thread has not crossed the acceptable limits
> regarding the scope of this list.
> I have been wanting to understand the yuga durations for
> quite some time however the data available is very confusing.
> I read the following at an astrology website:
> A fundamental fact regarding duration of the yugas is:
> length of kali = 1/4 length of satya
> length of dwApAra = 1/2 length of satya
> length of tretA = 3/4 length of satya
> Now some important astrological cycle is of 1200 years. And
> this is taken to be the duration of the kali yuga. This
> website listed kali yuga as 800 AD - 2000 AD (these are not
> my figures). So according to this assumption:
> kali: 800 AD - 2000 AD
> dwApAra: 1600 BC - 800 AD
> tretA: 5200 BC - 1600 BC
> satya: 10000 BC - 5200 BC
> This places manu vaivasta, the great flood and end of ice age
> at around 10000 BC. Now this date for end of ice age may
> infact be accurate.
> Also Shri Krishna's date relying on the dating of material
> found at Dwaraka falls in the dwApAra yuga (although it more
> at the beginning of dwApAra than at the end).
> Again this is not my theory and I am just writing based on
> what I have read.
> Regards
> Shrinivas

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