Indra and Vrtra

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> just a quick reply to some points raised in the thread.
> Shrinivasa Gadkari wrote:
> > Secondly, I would like to mention a peculiar characteristic of this
> > i.e. consciousness: anything that It focus its attention on gets infused
> > with "life". Just the fact that we all use the C. E. makes it very full
> > life. It is not at all important that 0 C. E. is related to no
> > event at all.
> I think this is a very important point.  And precisely why it doesn't
> matter whether any event in the shastras corresponds to the Ice Age or
> Ravi Chandrasekhara wrote:
> > Our shastras tend to give more weight to divine events and moral lessons
> > behind events than exact dates but that doesnt mean the events are false
> > or did not happen millions of years ago.
> >
> No I'm not saying that.  But as you point out the purpose of the shastras
> is different to just saying what happened when.  We misuse the shastras if
> we just use them as a history book.
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