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301. That which exists in this body, identifying itself with intellect
appears as “I am” and with the complete destruction of that, shines the real
Self, free from all distractions.

305. Therefore give up by force this ego – the idea of “I am the doer and
enjoyer” (which is the cause of all these bondages and troubles). Evil,
error, this world, death, birth and old age – all these you have got by
identifying yourself with this ego (though in reality you are the blissful
pure consciousness).

308. Then doing away with the actions of this ego etc giving up all desires
other than obtaining the real self and attaining eternal bliss by the
knowledge of the self, remain in that changeless Brahman in full.

309. Even when this great ego has been cut down to its root – if it is
attended to, even for a moment – it revives again and causes hundreds of
distractions as the clouds in the rainy season, dispersed after a short
time, again collect.

310. Therefore after subduing this enemy of the ego, you should not give it
any respite at all by thinking of the objects of senses, because that is the
cause of its revival, as water is the cause of the revival of the lemon

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