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311. He that remains in the body (as we are now – full of desires) how can
he be purified of all desires? Therefore without seeking after the pleasures
of the senses – one must give that up. The seeking after pleasure arises
from the sense of separation from the Self.

312. By selfish work, we increase the seed of desire and if we stop selfish
actions, we stop the seed. Therefore one should stop all selfish action.

313. By the increase of selfish work one increases desired. And by the
increase of desires, one increases selfish work. And that way the world by
entanglement goes on. It never ceases.

314. Therefore, one who would like to do away with the bondage of the world
must burn these two fully. How? By giving up internal thought and external
work that are selfish in nature.

315. The ego is increased by these two, so one should seek the destruction
of these (the ego and its two causes) by meditating on the real Self, seeing
Brahman everywhere. And these three go only by INCREASING THE DESIRE OF

316. If you stop selfish work, you stop the internal desire. By stopping the
internal desire, you stop the selfish thought. And the stopping of desire is
what is called freedom even in this life itself – jivanmukti!

318. When that desire of being good to others increases, the desire for
selfish fulfillments subside. As when the sun rises, all the darkness

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