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320. Reduce the world which you see, in Brahman by thinking of that one
reality, the solidity of all blissfulness; and the internal and external
both being one, think of the blissfulness, pass your time and be free from
all bondage.

321. To be always in Brahman should not be neglected for that neglect is
death (says Brahma’s son Sanatkumaara).

322. To the knower, there is no more danger than this neglect of remaining
in Brahman. For then comes delusion. From that delusion comes ego and from
ego comes bondage or error. So that neglect is the great enemy of the

326. When once you think of the objects of senses, you want to enjoy them
and from that comes desire. That desire engages you to posses and that
engagement takes you away from your real self.

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