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yOn Wed, 23 Apr 2003, M. S. Ravisankar wrote:

> Thanks for posting the viewpoints from various different commentaries. I
> hope you were able to get hold of aanandagiri's commentary from the super
> site.

Yes thanks.  I'm still reading through it.

>  To address your above observation:
> The text I have (Tamil) is an essence of both ramanuja and v. deshika's
> works. It says "When one is absorbed in the aatma saaxatkaaram, there is no
> need to come out of that higher state and do karma-s. Otherwise, one has to
> do it."  To me, it is a very logical position to take. It is a special case
> and karma-s are abandoned for a higher purpose. It is probably not like a
> carte blanche permission.

Well the way it is stated there it seems to suggest that additional karmas
need not be taken up.  But can the ones already undertaken be given up?  I
thought the reason the tridandi sannyasis keep shikha, yajnopavita etc.
was because they still keep up nitya and naimittika karmas.  Perhaps
Malolan or some other knowlegdeable person can explain?

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