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> > The text I have (Tamil) is an essence of both ramanuja and v.
> deshika's
> > works. It says "When one is absorbed in the aatma saaxatkaaram,
> there is no
> > need to come out of that higher state and do karma-s. Otherwise, one
> has to
> > do it."  To me, it is a very logical position to take. It is a
> special case
> > and karma-s are abandoned for a higher purpose. It is probably not
> like a
> > carte blanche permission.

If I understand correctly aatma sakshaatkaaram in VishishhTaadvaita is
different from paramaatma saakshaatkaaram.  It is in fact inferior.
That is not moksha since he is with limited ananda.  Jiiva attains
infinite ananda only when he has paramaatama sakshaat kaaram followed by
paramaatma j~nanam - which is called bhakti ruupaka j~naanam. There is
only videha mukti.  Till then one has to do his veda vihita karma-s -
these include sandhyaavandanam and nitya archana-s  etc.  Even sanyaasi
is not exempt from these.

Hari OM!

What you have is His gift to you and what you do with what you have is your gift to Him - Swami Chinmayananda.

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