Creation theories (was Re: What is the exact meaning/signific ance of this?)

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>My personal experience with advaita is that one
>must not mix up or get confused between these two viewpoints. Most of the
>criticism against advaita arises because the critic falls into such a
>confusion. Consider this - If someone asks, "If Brahman is the only
>then what is the entity which is being affected by avidya?" First note that
>as Brahman is the only reality, there is no avidya in the first place. This
>is the paramArthik viewpoint. But any talk of avidya is valid only in the
>vyavahArik sense. Thus the question is mixing up the two viewpoints.
>Similarly ajAti vAda is the paramArthik viewpoint.

It seems from the above writing that there are two view points(or satya) in
Advaita; 1.Paramarthika and 2.Vyavaharika.

I have some questions ;

1. How did we (humans) come to know the fact that there are two kinds of
satyas exist in the first place? What pramaNa is there to support this ?

2. Is this concept of "Vyavaharika Satya" real in absolute sense or not ?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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