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Trying to defend Buddha in an advaita forum is a rather awkward thing to do.
But I am not forcing Buddha's case here. I have no idea about other parts of
India, but atleast in Andhra Pradesh, many people(not all, of course) do
revere Buddha as an incarnation of vishNu.

>however irrelevant. It does not negate my original argument namely that S.G
>as an Avatar is inconsistent with the rest of the Avatars.

I dont see much inconsistency. As seen from the BG, increase in adharma is
the determining factor for an incarnation. I dont think dharma or adharma
are absolute. For example, re-introducing the varna system in modern day
India would amount to adharma. Certainly, people in the bygone days must
have felt differently.

>Secondly, though S.G was silent on the question of the existence of God,
>his follower’s (rationally) interpreted the silence in the pursuance of
>doctrines that negated the existence of God. An Avatar who did not believe
>in Himself?

Dont we say that saguNa brahman is nirguNa brahman from the point of view of
mAyA? And what is nirguNa brahman? Can anyone describe it? Can anyone say
anything about it other than neti neti?

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