Dasa Avatars

Malolan Cadambi cadambi at HOTPOP.COM
Wed Apr 30 17:48:27 CDT 2003

> Are you serious? nArAyaNa is all-knowing. He gives to people what they
> deserve. Now this is getting wierd. Me trying to defend nArAyaNa from a
> vaishNava!!!

The Devi Bhagavata says that the purAna-s are the heart of Dharma. A heart
expresses both virtue and vice. Rama and Krishna are human avatAram-s of
narAyanA - they display both these qualities. The underscoring point is that
man needts to ultimately live by the dictates of Dharma not krOdha and mOha.
Narayana does not stand accussed and I am not echoing Sir Mortimer Wheeler

> PS In case you dont like to accept Buddha, there is a much better
> for that avatar. It is Vyasa. You will find the following right in the
> beginning portion of the vishNu sahasranAma-----

I suppose you could come up with a new listing of dasA avatAram-s. Kalyan,
it is very important that we follow the *traditional* list of dasA avatarams
as handed down by our respective achAryas. None of them would get in a new
avataram for the sake of history or social benefit, as evident in other
Indian traditions.



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