[Advaita-l] Potential and differentiated nama roops

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Please see giita 9-7. I think author may be referring to what exists in the
prakRti as a seed form as a potential namaa-ruupa  and what iishvara has
brought forth as differentiated naama ruupa. Ramaanuja brings this out in
his commentary (see below). In that state of absorption in prakRti, it
exists only as potential and cannot be differentiated.

My 2c. My understanding may be incorrect.


Following is a c&p from giita supersite.

sarvabhuutaani kaunteya prakRtiM yanti maamikaam.
kalpaxaye punastaani kalpaadau visRjaamyaham..9.7..

English Translation of Sri Sankaracharya's Sanskrit Commentary - Swami

9.7 Kaunteya, O son of Kunti; sarva-bhutani, all the beings-all the beings
which, like wind abiding in space, abide thus in Me during their period of
existence; yanti, go back; kalpa-ksaye, at the end of a cycle, at the time
of dissolution; mamikam prakrtim, to My Prakrti which consists of the three
gunas (qualities; see 7.13) and is (called My) lower Nature. Punah, again;
aham, I; visrjami, project forth, create; tani, them, the beings, as before
[As before: as in previous cycles of creation.]; kalpadau, at the beginning
of a cycle, at the time of creation.

English Translation - of Sri Ramanuja's Sanskrit Commentary - Dr. S

9.7 All the mobile and immobile entities enter into My Prakrti at the end of
a cycle, namely at the end of Brahma's life in accordance with My will. This
Prakrti, constituting My body, is designated by the term Tamas, as it cannot
be differentiated into name and form. I again send forth the very same
beings at the beginning of a cycle. Manu declares accordingly: 'This
universe became Tamas ... by an act of will. He produced it out of His body'
(Manu, 1.5.8). The Srutis also declare thus: 'He whose body is Avyakta' (Su.
U., 7); 'The Avyakta merges into Aksara, the Aksara into Tamas' (Ibid., 2);
and also 'There was Tamas; the intelligence was concealed by Tamas' (Tai.
Br., 1.8.9).

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