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DATE: Mon, 01 Dec 2003 23:45:08
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Sri Matre Namah.

i am new to this group, 70 yrs old, but some of you 
may know me as amritananda saraswati of devipuram, as 
devi bhakta and sankaramenon refer to me some times i 
their postings.

I am starting a 1 year course on Sri Vidya in Vizag 
starting 15 jan. Some residential accommodation is 
also available in the form of 8 apartments in the 
heart of vizag, each having 3 rooms. The topics are
mahaganapathy, shyama, dandini, lalita, para upasanas; 
learning basic pancha suktams, mahanyasam and 
rudrabhishekam, homa vidhi, practicals in devipuram 
sri chakra temple, navagraha santhis, kamya homas,
bhairavi chakra puja, etc. 6 hours of training per week will be given. where i will also be personally 
involved some times. The course folllows closely the 
original Parashurama kalpasutra.

It is supposed to give particiants direct experience 
of goddess lalita devi. i am starting this course 
under her instruction. i follow the genuine satvic 
kaula traditions in the sri chakra temple built by me 
under the guidance of devi. you can have a look at it 
by visiting wwww.vi1.org i have had some personal experiences of goddess as a lover.

if you are interested, this may be a good opportunity to learn and do upasana of one of the Dasa Mahavidyas.

Please contact me if you are interested in attending the course. Otherwise, please spare me for now.

Guruji amritananda saraswati

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