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 A little more info on the same. Please forward to 
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Devipuram is a rare temple of learning. 

Body is the temple made by God. Attention offered to
its limbs begets powers. Some icons are the raw powers
of the Goddess. Prayers offered to their nudity give
powers of attracting good and beautiful, repelling
cruelty and evil, ability to manifest your desires

Some of you may have tried to know about sadhana
earlier, but may have been prevented by vague fears.
It is not at all difficult or dangerous if you follow
satvic Datta tradition.

We have opened the doors to easy methods of sadhana to
all sincere seekers whatever their caste. You can
learn the closely guarded secrets of Sri Vidya here on
weekends: Saturday morning to Sunday evening. Tuition
is free. Lodge and board costs are nominal.  You have
to serve the Goddess and temple. Register now for

Phone 08924 248238

Dear friend,

Guruji is starting one-year courses starting 15th Jan
2004 for learning Sri Vidya and Empowering Healing
Arts in an organized manner. A series of graded steps

Shakti Sadhana- Sri Vidya

1. Explaining Sastra Paddhati, nature of Deeksha,
2. Some simple initiations for solving problems and
for material gains.
3. Ganapati Upasana, Chaturavritti Tarpana; and Baala
4. Rajashyamala Upasana.
5. Varahi Upasana.
6. Sri Chakra Upasana.  
7. Poorna Deeksha.
8. Chandi Parayana.
9. Homa vidhi, Kamya Sadhana.
10. Dasa Maha Vidyas

Siva Sadhana

1. Learn how to recite Vedic mantras of Sata Rudriyam
2. Learn Mahanyasam
3. Rudrabhisheka Paddhati
4. Santi Mantras

Kundalini Yoga

1. Asanas
2. Pranayama
3. Mudras
4. Bandhas
5. Dhyana
6. Chakra Puja Practices- solo, groups

Empowering Healing Arts

1.Values, attitudes, diet, basic yoga and heavy
breathing exercises.  They are intended to remove
blocks, improve health, mental fitness making way for
better quality of stress free life. 
2. Reiki and Sujok for noninvasive healing and opening
the gates of love.

The first 3 levels of Shakti sadhana prepare you for
the higher levels of initiations which require a
degree of commitment, and can be had by all. It is
recommended that participants offer selfless dedicated
service at the Sri Chakra temple at Devipuram (30km
from town center) as a matter of purification. .  
Visakhapatnam can be reached by air from Chennai,
Hyderabad, Mumbai or Kolkata. Inform me by email once
travel arrangements are finalised.

It is on the east coast of India half way between
Kolkata and Chennai.
You can also take a train from Kolkata, Chennai or
Hyderabad. Get down at Visakhapatnam station. Tell the
auto/cab driver to take you to Turner Choultry. You
will see Super bazaar. There is a 30 ft road
perpendicular to main road right opposite the main
gate of Superbazaar. Look around. You will see
Visalandhra book depot at the entrance to this side
road. It is the 3rd house on right, a 5 storied
apartment complex called Lakshmi Rseidency. Rooms are
airy, and everything is available once you come down. 

You get down at Anakapalle if you wish to come to
Devipuram directly. Tell the auto/cab driver to take
you to Devipuram. You are in safe hands, don't worry.
It is half hour journey. Distance is 13 km. The final
portion is a 1 km stretch through what looks like a
jungle. There is limited accommodation there for a few
people to stay in rather primitive conditions;
hopefully the picture will change in a few months.

Visakhapatnam has a lovely beach of 20 miles strech
where people can go for swim, or just watch. It is 20
minutes walking distance. People are warm and

The courses will be conducted in Guruji's home at
Vizag town center.
Address : Lakshmi Residency, Opposite Superbazaar,
Next to Turners Choultry, Bhadravati Marg,
Visakhapatnam 530002.

The house has some apartments and rooms in them can be
rented to visitors from outside. Each room has to be
shared by 2 people. The charges for visitors from
abroad are $20/day/person, which covers instruction,
room rent and vegetarian food. Persons are not
required to be pure vegetarians. They can go to any
number of good restaurants within 5 minutes walking
distance where they have a choice of cuisines.  Weekly
visits to Devipuram Sri Chakra Temple/ Picnic spots 
to participate in poojas  /voluntary service/
enjoyment will be arranged at extra cost. Packages
start from 30$ up per day covering travel, puja and
veggy food at Ashram of Devipuram.

You can get details of ashram activities by visiting
www.vi1.org, www.devipuram.info, www.iaire.org

Please fill in the following form and send by email to

Devipuram at yahoo.com You can pay the course fee on

Name Phone 

Family Name email

M /F Age Married/Single NonVeg Y/N 

Know LalitaSahasram NavavaranaPuja SoundaryaLahari 
Rudram Yoga/Healing Sanskrit

Which time suits you? 11am 4pm 6pm 

Which days suit you? Mon,Wed,Fri Tue,Thu,Sat 

I would like to stay at Devipuram  Y / N

e-mail to 
devipuram at yahoo.com 

mail to
Guruji, Devipuram, 531001. 
Ph 08924 48238  


Nov 2003 The concept of Shakti Sadhana- 
Or you are born to be free.

The real temples made by God are our own bodies. They
all house God's Creative Matrix called Lalita. The
name Lalita means Life, which plays in all states of
our being: waking, dreaming, sleeping and beyond birth
and death too in the form of life of cosmos. Each of
us has organs of perception and action through which
God/dess knows about the cosmos and acts on it to
change it. Lalita manifests space and time; and powers
of life in each limb. Her power to speak is called
Saraswati,  to nourish is called Sri-Bhu Devi, to
destroy dark forces of disarray and create life is
called Durga. As Durga she vanquishes demonic lust
called Mahishasura, and converts it to playful love.

Without life, every limb is powerless. The power comes
by blood coursing through the limbs, and awareness
carried to them by currents called nadis. To do
anything, we have to make the individual powers in the
limbs come alive to manifest their full potential,
beyond physical limits. Therefore all limbs are called
Shakti Peethas, seats of power. Focusing attention on
a limb while holding breath lends power to it. All
practitioners of martial arts know this. Can we awaken
the power in a limb if it is not known, seen or felt?
It is asleep, dead. Powers have to be exposed and
kneaded to awaken them; that is, they have to be
necessarily nude.

Understand that your body is itself the great Sri
Chakra. The Devis in it are all the powers of your own
life waiting to be discovered and uncovered by you or
with the help of others. Worship the Sri Chakra as 
your body: physical, mental, and beyond the limits of
body and mind. You can't go wrong.

Right now, we are mostly living like beasts of burden.
Our main concerns are food, sleep, fear and sex. You
have to rise above that, to the human levels of
self-awareness first. Then, you have to extend your
abilities and concerns to know and feel for others.
That is what really makes you great, managing your
destiny instead of being tossed in its rivers. That is
the road map for you: beast to human, human to God.
You must assert your divine nature.

You are the Goddess Life who has now journeyed to the
most sacred Chakra, your own body. Assert that you are
the Goddess. But are you aware of the implications of
this assertion? You have to feel this truth, not just
repeat what someone has told you. How can you convince
yourself?  Here is one way.

Receive Deeksha through a ritual by the Guru here.
What is Deeksha? First the Guru invokes the entire
cosmos and its powers into you. The Powers of Fire,
Sun, Moon; of creation, nourishment and destruction;
of hiding and revelation. You are given the secrets of
liberation and immortality. Then you receive puja by
the Guru. That is right. To become a Goddess, the Guru
must worship you. He will give you a bath. Anoint your
body with sandal paste. Decorate you with garlands of
letters and flowers. You receive puja just like the
Goddesses here. Now you can truly say, I am the
Goddess because the Guru has adored me.

But you are not the only Goddess. All are indeed
Goddesses, whether they realize it or not. Is there
any point in assuming a haughty attitude? The
importance of Chakra Puja comes from this fact. Every
one is a God-Goddess here. There is no high-low,
up-down, right-left, front-back differences here. No
distinctions based on caste, religion, color or race
can enter here. All males are Siva, all females indeed
Shakti. The Sri Chakra makes every one God-Power. It
integrates unity with diversity, one with many in a
unique way. It realizes the supreme value of fun as
the why of life.

So there is no ritual higher or better than Chakra
Puja. It is in all religions. Buddhists call it Kala
Chakra. Christians call it Gaia. Hindus and Jains call
it Ras-leela or Bhairavi Chakra. Sufi Muslims call it
the whirling dance. No difference. It is the supreme
circle, which has no beginning, no end; it is limited
but also goes on and on forever. It is the ritual
where every one overcomes their ego-centric limits,
become God-Goddess like and dance freely in love
creating islands of jewels in the oceans and skies. 

Come to Devipuram. It is the Valley chosen by Devi to
reveal Her Chakras. It is beautiful, wise and
powerful. Learn the Circle rituals. Free yourself from
self made bondage and free others to achieve beauty,
wisdom and power like you.

Anakapalle 531001

Ph 08924 248238  www.vi1.org, www.devipuram.info
email devipuram at yahoo.com

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