[Advaita-l] Shiva panchayatana puja. Questions ?

Aravind Krishna seeksha at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 22 18:02:38 CST 2003


I am trying to put together a Shiva panchayatana puja procedure for
my friend and ran in to a question. I looked at the Puja books (R.K
Mutt, LIFCO etc) that have a laghu panchayatana puja text. The
procedure gives dhyana aavaahana etc first to Ganapati and
then Surya and so on. I also came across another panchayatana puja
book published by Kanchi mutt that quotes,

ravir vinaayakashchaNDhii iisho viShNustu panchamaH .
anukrameNa puujyante vukrametu mahadbhayam .. (padma purANa)

The author quotes this and assigns the krama as surya, ganapati,
ambaa, shiva and viShNu. He also points that you could put ganapati
first if there are pramaNas for such a procedure.

Could any of the members who perform panchayatana puja and aware of
the tradition please through some light?.

Where can I find more pramaaNa-s for panchayatana puja ?.

Could any one who have come across an authoritative book on
Panchayatana puja, please share some information about the
publisher/author ?


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