[Advaita-l] Shiva panchayatana puja. Questions ?

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Mon Dec 22 18:44:18 CST 2003


There is one authorative Shiva panchayatana puja prayoga
published by R. S. Vadhyar & Sons (Kalpathy, Palgath - 678 003).
The title of the book is: "Nityahnikam: The Daily Routines of
Every Brahmin). The book is in Devanagari with no
transliterations or translations. The procedure of this prayoga
is rather much more complex than in the short (laghu) prayoga
published by Ramakrishna Mission (I guess you are refering to the
book by Sri Subramania "Anna" Iyer).

The order of the dhyana slokas for avahana in "Nityahnikam" is:
Ganapathi -> Shiva -> Shakti -> Vishnu -> Surya. Ganapathi is to
be placed in the South Western direction, Shiva in the middle,
Shakti in NW, Vishnu in NE and Surya in SE.

Different prayogas gives different instructions on the order of
slokas and even on how to place the the different gods (usually
represented by five different and specific stones). Some prayogas
say that you shall face East while performing the puja, and
others say North. I guess this is just a matter of different
customs, in the same way as celebrations, pujas and rituals in
general are performed slightly different in different places and

For some further information on panchayatana puja, please read
the following article:

Best wishes
Stig Lundgren

> Namaste,

> my friend and ran in to a question. I looked at the Puja books
> Mutt, LIFCO etc) that have a laghu panchayatana puja text. The
> procedure gives dhyana aavaahana etc first to Ganapati and
> then Surya and so on. I also came across another panchayatana

> Where can I find more pramaaNa-s for panchayatana puja ?.
> Could any one who have come across an authoritative book on
> Panchayatana puja, please share some information about the
> publisher/author ?
> Thanks
> Aravind
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